Malpeque Oysters

Malpeque OystersOur Cooke’s Cove Malpeque oysters (Crassostrea virginica) are considered by many to be the gold standard by which all other oysters are judged.

The Malpeques are the product of the nutrient rich waters of Northwestern Prince Edward Island. Cooke’s Cove Malpeques are start their grow out in mesh plastic bags, and are routinely manicured to promote cup definition. Once the oysters reach a more manageable size, they are transferred to specific leased areas in Malpeque Bay.

Oysters remain on the sub-tidal hard packed red sand and clay shallows that surrounds so much of P.E.I. Our Malpeque oysters are primarily hand harvested by means of tongs, which have minimal impact upon the ecosystem, and thereby assure the prosperity of the resource, the industry, and the environment.

It warrants mentioning that like so many of our products, the Malpeque oysters are very much harvested on a per order basis. The oysters are brought ashore to our facility where they are immediately cleaned, graded, packed and sent down to our central distribution facility. The Malpeque oysters are available in a variety of sizes and grades. This aspect of the Malpeque allows us to provide you with an oyster that will fit every budget. Our vertical integration affords us a level of accountability that assures you’ll receive only the freshest product in a timely and cost effective manor.