Indian Creek Oysters

Indian Creek OystersThe latest addition to our ever-growing list of offerings is the Indian Creek oyster (Crassostrea virginica). We have been fortunate enough to secure every single oyster this particular Northwestern Prince Edward Island fishery can produce. You simply can’t source Indian Creek oysters through anyone other than J.P.’s Shellfish. What better way to set yourself apart from your competition? How cool is that?

Your chefs are always looking for variety and consistency. The Indian Creeks bring both to the table. Our Indian Creek oysters are roughly three-and-a-quarter to three-and-three-quarter inches in length, and possess a terrific level of continuity in terms of both shell structure and meat yield.

Now as I stated…We at J.P.’s Shellfish have committed to take each and every oyster this small fishery can provide us with. How do we know that they will all be choice oysters? Good question! The oysters produced by this fishery are closely monitored through each and every step of their life, and when they are (roughly) the size of your thumbnail, you can tell which oysters have the proper shape and definition to become a “choice” oyster…Just so we’re all on the same page here…Choice grade oysters command a higher price than standard grade oysters because of their consistency in size, shape, and cup-definition. At any rate…The tiny choice oysters are culled from the masses, and transported to a specific lease on which only high-graded oysters are grown-out.

All through the grow-out period, our Indian Creeks are regularly manicured by hand (i.e. new growth is chipped away in an effort to create a more compact, deeper-cupped oyster) and monitored to assure they are growing out in accordance to our exacting specifications. The bed terrain is a smooth composite of hard packed of sand and clay, which allows the tidal wash to move swiftly over the oysters. The silt that is carried by the currents acts as a constant natural abrasive agent, effective preventing any sort of bio-fouling from accumulating on the shell. The resulting oysters are pristine both inside and out.

Each and every Indian Creek oyster is hand packed (cup down to retain the liquor) in 100 count boxes by our friends at Howard’s Cove, and will be available on a daily basis for the foreseeable future. Help us to help you set yourself apart from the masses by introducing your clients to the Indian Creek oysters.