Blackberry Point Oysters

Blackberry Point OystersWe at J.P.’s Shellfish feel very fortunate to be able to offer you our premium grade Blackberry Point (Crassostrea virginica) oysters. The Blackberry Points are sourced through the waters of Northwestern Prince Edward Island. More specifically, the Blackberry Points are a product of the estuary where the Foxley River and the Conway Narrows blend together.

Our Blackberry Point oysters are bound for greatness from the outset. At a very early age, oysters from the region are graded, and those which represent the top percentile in terms of uniformity and cup definition are culled from the stocks and moved to the Blackberry Point lease. The Blackberry Points are hand planted, and closely monitored and meticulously manicured throughout their grow-out period. This attention to detail effectively creates large choice oysters that are the very definition of consistency. Additionally, the fine marine silt that is carried by the tides washes over the Blackberry Points acts as a natural mild abrasive. This abrasion keeps the oysters virtually free of any bio-fouling (barnacles, vegetation, etc.), and the resulting oysters are ready to go from the box directly to the table.

Our Blackberry Points are available more or less year round. The only times of the year we anticipate being without product is in early winter (as the estuary is freezing over) and in spring (when the sea ice releases its grip on the lease). During the warmer months, the aquaculturists harvest be the ecologically sound method of tonging oysters from small skiffs. In the winter months, the sea ice thickens enough to support the weight of man and machinery, and chainsaws are brought onto the ice. Our industrious friends to the North cut holes over the lease, and the tonging resumes.

Meats of the Blackberry Points are plump, and do not get lost in the shell, as is sometimes the case with large oysters. The flavor profile of the Blackberry Points is not terrifically complex, but rather simply delicious. The initial mild sweetness of the Blackberry Point is juxtaposed by a pleasantly lingering medium-high salinity in the finish.

Each and every Blackberry point is hand packed (to assure the retention of the liquor) in 100 count boxes, and are available every day without a pre-order.