Frozen PEI Mussels

Frozen PEI MusselsOur new line of frozen, vacuum-packed, rope-grown, Prince Edward Island blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) was very well received. Not that I’m surprised…The product itself is quite exceptional. But as we have always dealt exclusively in live mussels, the introduction of a frozen line is somewhat of a departure and requires a certain leap of faith. So I guess one of the big questions is “why?” I’m glad you asked! We are of the school of thought that our frozen line of mussels will complement our fresh mussels quite nicely under a variety of different circumstances.

Realistically…Because of the extra labor and materials that go into our frozen, vacuum packed mussels, the cost will be greater than that of our fresh product. However…The cost could very well be offset by the difference in shipping. I’m thinking that the farther away from our Eliot, Maine distribution facility you’re located, the more you might want to think about bringing in our frozen line. If you aren’t familiar with the cost of shipping frozen product versus refrigerated product, it might be worth checking into. It also bears mention that our friends at Confederation Cove will not be processing for our frozen program 12 months a year. Nuts and bolts, product will only be put up as frozen when yields are at their seasonal highest. I have a sneaking suspicion that our high-yielding frozen product will move to number one (with a bullet!) on the charts. Think about it!

At any rate…We fully expect to have our frozen, vacuum-packed, P.E.I., rope-grown mussels available around the first of next month. Initially we will be offering our frozen mussels in 10# (5×2# or 10×1#) or 20# (10×2# or 20×1#) units. This would be an excellent time to shake a few trees, and see what your clientele collectively thinks about bringing in frozen mussels. I encourage you to contact us with any questions you or your customers may have on this product.