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Wiley Point Oysters

Our Wiley Point oysters (Crassotrea virginica) are suspension cultured in the Damariscotta River Estuary (Damariscotta, Maine-N 44:01:53/W 69:29:47).  The tidal flux through the inlet constantly washes over the oysters acts as a natural defouling agent, and keeps the oysters free of any bio-fouling.  How cool is that? The end result is an exceptionally clean and smooth oyster, both inside and out.  Size wise, the Wiley Points are coming in at roughly three and a half inches,  and they are very much a “choice” grade oyster.  That is to say, you will find a great degree of consistency in size, shape, shell-strength, and meat yields in the Wiley Points.  The Wiley Points possess a firm shell that will delight both amateur shuckers and seasoned veterans alike.  Cup definition is exceptional; especially considering this oyster has never been manicured.  The meats themselves are large, light in texture, and are of a relatively high salinity.

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