Blue Hill Bay Maine Rope-Grown Mussels

Maine MusselsWe are now sourcing rope-grown blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) through relatively small fisheries located in Blue Hill Bay Maine. The Gulf of Maine is one of the richest and most diverse ecosystems on the planet, and it provides the mid-water cultured mussels with a ceaseless supply of phytoplankton and other life giving nutrients. Our Maine rope-grown mussels are exceptionally high yielding, and possess a terrifically pleasant level of brininess that you very well may not have experienced in a blue mussel before.

Additionally, our Maine rope-grown mussels are all grown out and harvested in a completely environmentally sustainable manner, further increasing the value of the mussels. As much as I hate to pre-qualify anyone…The reality of the situation is that our Blue Hill Bay Maine rope-grown mussels are a premium grade/“boutique” item. What I’m driving at here is that more likely than not, customers who are driven by cost alone won’t fully appreciate everything our Blue Hill Bay Maine rope-grown mussels have to offer. However, those who understand that high quality product more often than not has a matching price tag should seriously consider incorporating our Maine rope-grown mussels into their list of offerings. You know whom I’m talking about here. Right now, our Blue Hill Bay Maine rope-grown mussels are being put up in 10-pound units, and 50 pounds is the standard pack. We will break these if necessary. A word to the wise…Pre-orders on the Maine rope-grown mussels are required, as harvest occurs in very limited production runs, and is done on a per-order basis.