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J.P.’s Shellfish has become synonymous with quality and consistency in the seafood marketplace.  Our level of vertical integration, verifiable chain of custody, and commitment to customer service has made us the leader in the shellfish industry.  Each and every day, painstaking measures are taken in order to provide you, our valued clientele, with only the highest-grade shellfish available anywhere.

"They were clean as a whistle right out of the bag, there wasn’t a broken one in the whole lot and they were probably the biggest and fullest mussels I’ve ever had. In the past I’ve eaten mussels from New Zealand and I thought they were good but yours are the best."
- Herb J., 80 yrs. Old retired 31 years, N.Y. City fire marshall

"I have been buying your product directly from you for 17 years. I have had nothing but the best of experiences with you. I personally recommend their oysters and mussels. The lobsters are great and prices are right there."
- Executive Chef Sandy Ingber, Grand Central Oyster Bar Restaurant, N. Y. City

"I'm 80 years old now, still eating mussels, and your mussels are just as sweet and clean as the mussels my dad and I would dive for." - Joseph P.

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We at J.P.'s Shellfish pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with the very latest up to date and pertinent news and marketing/educational materials.  One of the best ways to convey this information is through the J.P.'s Shellfish Weekly Newsletter.  Each and every Friday, a new update is released in an effort to keep you abreast of all you need to know about shellfish.  Please sign-up on the right-hand side of this page to automatically receive the latest as they roll off of the metaphoric presses, and or click below for the latest.


Shellfish Assessment Sheet

J.P.'s Shellfish information

Please click the link below to check out the J.P.'s Shellfish PRODUCT ASSESSMENT SHEET.
This chart is updated on a regular basis in an effort to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the physical characteristics of our complete line of offerings.


Please feel free to contact us via email info@jpshellfish.com or phone 207-439-6018 for further clarification on any J.P.'s Shellfish product or service.